My name is Laia and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in
Switzerland since 2015.

I studied Arts & Interior Design in Barcelona and lived there for
more than 8 years. As a creative person, I enjoy exploring new
artistic disciplines and being in a constant learning process and
personal growth.

From a very young age, I have loved drawing and painting, as
much as developing new scenarios, which is why I have
traveled and lived in different places around the world, such as
Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. This is how I have
managed to keep reinventing myself and my inspiration, by
learning various languages, engaging in different cultures and
meeting new people.

Since music is one of my greatest passions and it has been with
me all through my career, I perform as a singer in several choirs
and bands. So I combined my hobby with my work by doing
branding for music corporations.

I’m a very proactive person with lots of self-initiative, hands-on
mentality, ready to try new things and skilled in various design
disciplines. I have a remarkable sensitivity and good sense of
aesthetics. Currently, I’m on the look for a new opportunity to
further develop myself professionally. Please don’t hesitate to
contact me for any type of collaboration or project.